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EMBUILD MATERIALS LLC. Dubai  provides  MARINE PLYWOOD ( which is also called Film Faced Plywood / Shuttering Plywood).Marine plywood is  ideal for applications where the material is bound to get a  prolonged exposure to moisture, water.Means it has better resistance to water compare to other types of plywood. Since it  remains better in wet and humid conditions de-lamination chances (due to fungal attack on it) are less. Because of  these  properties Marine Plywood is used widely for making Boats/Docks construction, Kitchen Furniture, Outdoor furniture.

        It is stronger than normal plywood  because of the superior wood and good adhesive/Glue ( un diluted /Un extended Phenolic resin) is used  for bonding the piles together  ,which makes it stronger and water proof.


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  • Place of Origin : China and Indonesia
  • FOB Price : AED 98
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 60
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